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WISE is the easiest way to accurately grade and manage multiple choice quizzes, tests, and exams from your iPhone. Developed by teachers, for teachers WISE aims to bring the grading process into the 21st century.

No Eraser Mistakes

It only takes seconds to scan tests with over 99% accuracy. Test data is automatically organized by course, class, and student.

Instantly Grade Tests

Teachers can instantly grade tests and provide feedback to students. Tests can be scored and entered before students walk out the door.

Leave Papers At School

The only app on the market which can accurately grade up to 100 question tests. You can grade at any time from any location. Keys and scores are securely stored on your mobile device to be accessed from anywhere.

See Your Students Grow

Automatic score reporting allows teachers to spend their time focusing on student achievement, not crunching numbers. Teachers can spend time making adjustments instead of grading.

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