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Our Vision

We're a team of teachers and technologists working toward perfecting a teaching tool for the 21st century. We're passionate about education and driven to create a product that will help teachers and increase student achievement through fast and accurate feedback.

Lee Wise CEO and Co-Founder

Lee has a B.S. in chemistry from Colorado State University. He also has a Masters in Education from Colorado State University. He is currently in his second year of teaching in the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado. Lee is a science teacher with experience in a formal laboratory setting and in the classroom. Lee had the original idea for the WISE application after being frustrated with the speed and data analysis limitations when grading multiple choice exams for his students. He is well-versed in current educational technology and passionate about further developments.

Dalton Ying CFO and Co-Founder

Dalton has a B.S. in general science from Oregon State University. He also has a Masters in Education from Western Oregon University and a second Masters in Online Curriculum Writing at University of Colorado Denver. Dalton immediately recognized the frustrations and problems that could be solved with new test scanning technology and helped Lee turn this concept into a reality from the ground-up. Dalton is a veteran teacher, currently in his tenth year of teaching in the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado, with experience in online learning, educational assessments, and classroom pedagogy.

Phil Cowan CTO

Phil has been in the professional realm for over 20 years and brings his passion for programming and design to every level of the WISE application. As CTO Phil leads the development team continuing to improve the WISE application and all parts of the software product offering. Phil created the original WISE engine and continues to improve upon it every day while managing the rest of the WISE developers. Inspired by data driven applications, application architecture, and high-end development, Phil has mastered programming in some of the toughest languages. Both an exceptional programmer and designer, Phil is able to integrate his abilities to create unique solutions with amazing results. Phil has done work for such big names as Medtronic, Musicland, General Mills, Disney, Warner Brothers, Budweiser, and Pixar to name a few.

Jon Shapiro COO

Jon has been involved in the management and technical aspects of web application design and development, as well as the creation, and growing of technology start ups for over ten years. Jon is passionate about creating products and designs that are both beautiful and simple, highly functional but also easy to use. A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Jon's innovative technical skills as well as a lifelong love of learning, has made him a perfect fit to take on the roles of operations and business development for WISE. Throughout his entire educational career Jon was always frustrated with the limitations of analog grading technology (as he was always one who would erase and change answers later!) and has been very excited to help develop a solution to so many of the frustrations he experienced during K-12 and college.

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