WISE is the easiest way to accurately grade and manage multiple choice quizzes, tests, and exams from your iPhone. Developed by teachers, for teachers WISE aims to bring the grading process into the 21st century.”

WISE Test Templates and Student Sheets can be printed directly from your iPhone, but feel free to download and print them from the links below – whichever is easier for you!

If you use any other templates in your classroom and would like to use it on WISE, please tell us about it! We promise, we are friendly.

Student Entry

These are used to enter students into the WISE app. Hand this sheet out to your students and have them fill in their name, student id, and class id, scan and you are good to go! You can also enter the students manually if you prefer!

Test Templates

These are used to input your answer key into the app and given to each of your students to take the quiz, test, or exam. Make sure the test id is filled out correctly on your answer key and your student's sheets!


This is a full featured tutorial that can be used to learn how to use the app in its entirety. The follow documents will give you everything you need and walk through adding classes, courses, students, answer keys, and scanning tests with the WISE app. Just print out and follow the instructions!

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