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WISE is now available as a free download (for up to 100 scans of use) in the iTunes App Store! You can check it out here

It is free to use. Unlimited scan for as long as you want to use the app.

Tests have shown the WISE app to be over 99.9% accurate when scanned correctly. In a comparison of hundreds of tests against analog grading machines, the WISE app makes significantly fewer errors. This particularly comes out when looking at erased marks and partially filled in bubbles.

Yes you can. You can use any color not just blue or black. If a mistake is made white out or a white dot can cover the incorrect bubble and the app will read the new filled in bubble.

The data will be organized automatically once you create your initial class setup. Then you will be able to look at the scores on your mobile device or export to one of the reports formatted within the app for your convenience. This is located behind the bar graph icon. The app needs a registered email to import and export scores.

Faster processors scan the sheets more efficiently and fewer questions take less time. All scan are graded within seconds with any of the approved devices.

There are 2 ways to get your students in the app.
1) Each student can be included individually in the app.
2) Student can be imported with our generic “import sheet” which is located in the app

The WISE app is the first fully mobile application that gives you everything you need without ever having to connect your mobile device to a computer! Once you download the app and print out some student and test sheets you will have everything you need at your disposal. There is never a need to plug the app into a computer for processing or data transfer.

The answer sheets can be printed directly from within the app to any wireless printer. All sheets are also for download in PDF format on the website in the downloads section. You can print off and photocopy as many sheets as you need!

The WISE app currently offers templates for 30, 60, and 100 question answer sheets. However the app is more than capable of handling less than these templates, for example if you want to give a 10 question quiz, simply use the 30 question template and bubble in the 10 correct answers when you scan the answer key. The app will automatically score against what is filled out on the answer key so anything between 1-100 questions is possible with the current template.

The WISE app gives you the option of setting an individual 4 digit pin for your app in the settings area. If you turn this on no one will be able to access the app or any of its data without entering the correct pin (very similar to the pin you may set to unlock your smartphone). We highly advise that if you turn this feature on that you enter your email address so the pin can be sent back to you.

Yes! Within a month of the initial launch of the app we plan to offer special pricing for schools wishing to license the app for a number of teachers. Please contact us directly if you are interested in getting a school wide license and we can give you more information about pricing and deployment.

We don't see why not... While every school is different, we see no reason why the WISE mobile app would conflict with educational standards or curriculum. In fact, it should be a welcome improvement!

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