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AURORA - Lee Wise and Dalton Ying looked at each other day and decided they were going to do something to revolutionize the classroom. So, the chemistry teachers from Grandview High School invented the WISE app.

"We devised the app to solve the problem that we were having in the classroom," said Wise.

WISE, which matches his last name, actually stands for Wireless Interactive Scanning Examinations, can transform any iPhone or iPad into a mobile device which can instantaneously grade multiple choice tests.

WISE App Launched! – The Mobile App That Allows Teachers to Scan, Grade, and Organize Multiple Choice Tests from Their iPhone

Today, Creative Instructional Designs, LLC launched mobile app WISE (Wireless Interactive Scanning Examinations), their flagship product for teachers and educational institutions. The app allows a teacher to create, scan, grade, and organize multiple choice tests all from their iPhone without the need of analog grading machines.

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